Jun 03 2011

LG Optimus 2X revisited

Right, so I unrooted my Optimus 2X, flashing LG's own latest stock build, and sent it back to the shop with a full sheet of errors, reporting its more or less severe shortcomings. So what did LG do? They "updated the firmware" to the exact same one I had already just updated to, and sent it back to me.Same build, same kernel, same all.

So what did that solve? Well, much what you'd expect.

But you know, I gave it a shot, and after a week in LG's perverse version of FroYo heaven, I've had it. Maybe there's something wrong with my particular handset, maybe it's just a bad goddamn phone. Either way it's going back again.

I got my Galaxy SII today. Preliminary review says, "Nice !"

Dec 26 2010

Everything's Gingerbread.

Phew. Everything's been Oxygen and Gingerbread. I've redone all my icons with gradients and glow to accommodate the generally updated UI of Android 2.3. I've also added the connected/fully connected logic layer to everything.

2011 is going to be massive for Android powered devices. The Google Nexus S, anyone? Yes, please. LG's got something coming out called the Optimus 2X, it's a dual core unit, that's just begging to be rooted and Oxygenated. Interesting times indeed.

I don't suppose anyone's got a line on a Samsung/Google Nexus S device that can be shipped to Denmark? I'd kinda like one.