May 23 2011

LG Optimus 2X review (slight return)

Some time ago I posted a lengthy review of the LG Optimus 2X here.

In my conclusion I wrote that, "I think the best that can be said about the LG Optimus 2X at this point in time is that it has the potential to be a really great device."

I fully stand behind that statement, because of its specs, beautiful screen and physical build quality. But, I also wrote a bit about root and custom ROMs saying, "If [you] know what you're doing, you can pound this beast into submission and have a great Android experience with it.", and I'm going to have to retract that. I most certainly know what I'm doing and as it is, the bloody thing is useless.

Most notably, I had a pretty consistent issue with the phone ringing, me answering the call, causing the phone to promptly reboot. But its inability to switch seamlessly back and forth between mobile network data connections and stored WiFi access points was also very, very annoying. There was a multitude of other major and minor faults, peppered with Force Closes and unprovoked reboots.

LG have been promising a gingerbread update that may or may not solve everything, but that update has been pushed from March to April to May and when I contacted LG Denmark, they said it was coming "this summer", which could just as well be September (or never) as it could be June.

So I've handed it back in with a full A4 sheet of error descriptions and my carrier has subsequently sent it back to LG. We're awaiting their response but whatever that may be, I'm done with it, and I'm getting myself something else instead. Probably a Samsung Galaxy SII, if they can deliver.

May 10 2011

You can’t find out who visited your profile and looked at your photos, ok?

Just a friendly public service announcement from your retired developer friend :-)

Stop clicking random shit on Facebook. You can’t find out who visited your profile and looked at your photos, ok? Facebook does not provide app developers with the technical means to allow tracking of profile views or how often something has been viewed and by whom. While I'm sure Facebook does logs all that stuff, and more, the information is not exposed to the public. It's not part of the API. End of story.

Also, dial up the scepticism a bit, okay? Nothing is free. If you're not paying, it's because you're the product being sold. There are no free iPhones. You can’t see what you’ll look like in the future, the poor dog is long dead no matter how many people sign the petition, and the US government wouldn't post a video of Bin Laden's death on Facebook. You won't learn what question someone answered about you, and not a single soul will ever know what that man saw when he walked in on his daughter, but you probably will believe what happened next. Use your damn heads.

What happens when you click and interact with one of those groups/apps/pages is that you give them access to a lot of information about yourself, your posts, photos, notes, likes, follows and other content. And about your friends and their interaction with you. All that can be used against you. So please stop clicking those spam links and thereby exposing yourself and your friends to the risk of profile hacking, viruses, scams, phishing and identity theft.

Spread the word. Thanks.

Dec 26 2010

Everything's Gingerbread.

Phew. Everything's been Oxygen and Gingerbread. I've redone all my icons with gradients and glow to accommodate the generally updated UI of Android 2.3. I've also added the connected/fully connected logic layer to everything.

2011 is going to be massive for Android powered devices. The Google Nexus S, anyone? Yes, please. LG's got something coming out called the Optimus 2X, it's a dual core unit, that's just begging to be rooted and Oxygenated. Interesting times indeed.

I don't suppose anyone's got a line on a Samsung/Google Nexus S device that can be shipped to Denmark? I'd kinda like one.

Oct 25 2010

The dumbest dumb-phone I've seen in a long time is actually pretty clever...

John's Phone (via Design Milk, Walyou and Gizmodo) is a completely stripped down cell phone, devoid of all and any but the core functionality of making and receiving phone calls.

It doesn't have a camera and doesn't offer sms/texting, email, chat, alarm clock or weather updates. The built-in address book is a paper notebook with a pen.

The web site claims that stand-by battery life is "more than three weeks", which is nice but not exactly stunning. John's Phone is roughly the same size as an iPhone, probably to accomodate that large keyboard - but since the phone has absolutely no features, not even a screen worth mentioning, it should be pretty much empty inside and therefore able to pack enough battery to last a year...

John's Phone is marketed as well suited for older people, which I guess would mean my grandmother, since the only phone my parents have ever been able to use properly is an iPhone - arguably one of the most advanced and powerful smartphones of all time :-)

The design is really cool, though, and I think that sheer anti-connected-ness of the thing would appeal to some people I know who feel that the technological advances of mankind should have been halted in 1970.


Legal mumbo: When the pr-people involved won't waste their time on individuals, said individuals have to make do as best they can. If anyone - well, the rightful owner(s), at least - take offense to me using the pictures displayed here to advertise their product for free, please let me know either here or in the comments section- I'll remove them immediately :-)


EDIT: And so they did, and so I did.