Feb 15 2011

Work / life balance

The fragile, tender equilibrium where everyone is equally pissed at you.


Oct 25 2010

The dumbest dumb-phone I've seen in a long time is actually pretty clever...

John's Phone (via Design Milk, Walyou and Gizmodo) is a completely stripped down cell phone, devoid of all and any but the core functionality of making and receiving phone calls.

It doesn't have a camera and doesn't offer sms/texting, email, chat, alarm clock or weather updates. The built-in address book is a paper notebook with a pen.

The web site claims that stand-by battery life is "more than three weeks", which is nice but not exactly stunning. John's Phone is roughly the same size as an iPhone, probably to accomodate that large keyboard - but since the phone has absolutely no features, not even a screen worth mentioning, it should be pretty much empty inside and therefore able to pack enough battery to last a year...

John's Phone is marketed as well suited for older people, which I guess would mean my grandmother, since the only phone my parents have ever been able to use properly is an iPhone - arguably one of the most advanced and powerful smartphones of all time :-)

The design is really cool, though, and I think that sheer anti-connected-ness of the thing would appeal to some people I know who feel that the technological advances of mankind should have been halted in 1970.


Legal mumbo: When the pr-people involved won't waste their time on individuals, said individuals have to make do as best they can. If anyone - well, the rightful owner(s), at least - take offense to me using the pictures displayed here to advertise their product for free, please let me know either here or in the comments section- I'll remove them immediately :-)


EDIT: And so they did, and so I did.


Sep 23 2010
Aug 30 2010

google search suggestions slår til igen

Jeg fornemmer antydningen af en fortløbende historie med stærkt nedadgående humørkurve i google's søgeforslag...

Jul 12 2010

Fuldstændig. Rigtigt.

Jeg har altid krummet tæer over det spørgsmål...!


Oct 25 2009


Det handler meget om at finde nogle gode arbejdsstillinger og variere dem i løbet af dagen, så de passer til ens humørudvikling.