Jul 18 2010

Free Condoms For All (...Now Fuck Off!)

So Apple held their press conference and to address the antenna issues with iPhone 4, and in the absence of a proper solution they have decided to give all iPhone4 owners a free bumper case.
The iPhone4 isn't available here yet but I already ordered it, right after Gizmodo leaked it and it was clear that it was the real thing. I preordered it in my local mobile store, before it was even officially announced, ok? Now, I don't know.

The Steve/apple entity has been telling us that ...

one: There is no antenna problem!
two: It's just been displaying the bars wrong!
three: All right, it has an actual problem, but what smartphone doesn't?
...all during a 30 minute press conference, and the same entity has been telling us all other sorts of crap along the way.
"There is no problem, but if you're experincing a problem, don't hold it like that!"
Are you serious?

I have a 3Gs, that I really like, and I've never been able to make it drop bars by holding it wrong...not even trying actively after reading about the issues with the iPhone4.

So, does that mean that I've been lucky, or that the iPhone4 issues have been blown out of proportion and that it won't fail for me either?
Who knows? Maybe both handsets' problems are simply 'masked' by the fact that even our worst network here in Denmark is a lot better than AT&T's?

While I think that apple's solution here is valid (at least technically), their attitude pisses me off. This is not a marketing problem. This is a technical issue, showing at least 16-20 dB drop, instantly, touching a particular spot lightly that you're practically guaranteed to grip, if you're holding the phone like a human being.

All else aside, in Denmark where I live, the iPhone4 will be something like $1300 at introduction, without carrier subs. Even with a carrier plan, I'm paying for this device, over time, right? So this is a really expensive piece of tech, and it better bring it!

Apple isn't selling phones and computers. Apple isn't selling tech, cause if they did, they'd be pummeled.Apple didn't invent mobile video chat, we've had that in Europe for close to ten years.
Unless your single source of tech news for the past 10 years has been apple.com, there has never been anything technologically superior about the iPhones.

We're paying for the wow and the über sexy hardware. So...$1300 for a device that I may have to wrap in an ugly rubber thing to make it work?

Not really, no.