Mar 07 2012

Why I hate computers...

Why do I hate being the Guy Who Is Really Good With Computers And Shit, you ask?

I've got a small HTPC (Acer Aspire Revo 3700) set up at home running XBMC and a generic'ish eHome/RC6 compliant remote control to wake it up and operate it. A few days ago, the remote lost the ability to wake up the system. Bummer. When the system was up, the remote worked fine, navigating around without issues. But if I wanted to use it, I had to get up from the couch, reach behind the tv and press the power button like a caveman.

Or fix it. 

An occasional shutdown and fresh boot fixes surprisingly many issues on a system that's in and out of sleep all the time, but not this issue. On this hardware S1 is the "best" sleeping state that lets me wake it by IR remote, so of course I checked whether maybe BIOS had dropped the S1 setting. Nope. I also checked that something like an automatic driver update hadn't messed up the Allow this device to wake the computer setting. 

While messing about with it I noticed the remote was becoming sluggish in general, so I changed the batteries...which solved the other problem. So, apparently the IR receiver requires a particularly powerful signal to wake the system from sleep. Or what?