May 10 2011

You can’t find out who visited your profile and looked at your photos, ok?

Just a friendly public service announcement from your retired developer friend :-)

Stop clicking random shit on Facebook. You can’t find out who visited your profile and looked at your photos, ok? Facebook does not provide app developers with the technical means to allow tracking of profile views or how often something has been viewed and by whom. While I'm sure Facebook does logs all that stuff, and more, the information is not exposed to the public. It's not part of the API. End of story.

Also, dial up the scepticism a bit, okay? Nothing is free. If you're not paying, it's because you're the product being sold. There are no free iPhones. You can’t see what you’ll look like in the future, the poor dog is long dead no matter how many people sign the petition, and the US government wouldn't post a video of Bin Laden's death on Facebook. You won't learn what question someone answered about you, and not a single soul will ever know what that man saw when he walked in on his daughter, but you probably will believe what happened next. Use your damn heads.

What happens when you click and interact with one of those groups/apps/pages is that you give them access to a lot of information about yourself, your posts, photos, notes, likes, follows and other content. And about your friends and their interaction with you. All that can be used against you. So please stop clicking those spam links and thereby exposing yourself and your friends to the risk of profile hacking, viruses, scams, phishing and identity theft.

Spread the word. Thanks.